No injuries as Ahmic Air plane makes YK emergency landing

Last modified: February 18, 2020 at 4:46pm

RCMP and Ahmic Air say there were no injuries after one of the Yellowknife-based operator’s aircraft made an emergency landing in the vicinity of the city.

A helicopter responding to the incident returned to Yellowknife Airport at 12:30pm on Tuesday, carrying two passengers from the site. The exact location of the emergency landing was not given, but is believed to be near the city’s golf course.

The area where the plane landed was not accessible by road, RCMP spokesperson Julie Plourde said, necessitating the use of a helicopter to reach those involved.


An Ahmic Air employee confirmed one of the operator’s planes had performed an emergency landing, adding nobody had been critically injured. The aircraft had lost power after takeoff shortly before noon.

The model of plane was not specified.

Ahmic Air staff had responded immediately by helicopter on learning of the incident, the employee added.

Neither of the two people transported back to the airport by helicopter required hospital treatment, though an ambulance was standing by.

Plourde said RCMP were assisting the Transportation Safety Board of Canada in an initial investigation, but no injuries had been reported.


Emelie Peacock and Sarah Pruys contributed reporting.