Air Canada to suspend flights from YK to Calgary, Vancouver

Last modified: March 19, 2020 at 10:26am

Air Canada says it will temporarily suspend Yellowknife routes to Calgary and Vancouver in the coming days, among dozens of other domestic flights the airline will put on hold.

International flights had already been suspended by Air Canada as travel restrictions grow and demand plummets during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

On its website, the airline said flights between Calgary and Yellowknife would be under a “temporary suspension” beginning on March 23 and lasting until April 30.


Flights between Yellowknife and Vancouver are to be suspended from April 1 until April 30.

The route between Edmonton and Yellowknife appears unaffected as of Thursday.

The suspensions were announced among 42 domestic routes Air Canada intends to temporarily halt.

“We continue to adapt our schedule and capacity in response to Covid-19 and have postponed launches or extended the temporary suspension of several routes,” Air Canada stated.

“Air Canada will continue to monitor this evolving situation closely in consultation with the Public Health Agency of Canada, Transport Canada, and Global Affairs, and will adjust its schedule as appropriate.”


Canadian North had already announced its flights between Inuvik, Yellowknife, and Edmonton would continue to operate but be scaled back, running on fewer occasions each week.

WestJet has not yet published any information regarding changes to its Yellowknife flights.