Here’s the latest scoop on dog poop and garbage in YK

Since the City of Yellowknife closed its dump to the public last month, residents have been asking a lot of questions about garbage. Now the City is offering some answers.  

In a news release issued on Friday afternoon, the City outlined a number of temporary changes it’s making to keep essential waste services going while protecting safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With more people working and learning from home, there’s an increase in household garbage – and the City has taken notice.


“Council and I want residents to know that we hear and understand your concerns, and are working with administration to provide the best possible solutions in this quickly evolving situation,” Mayor Rebecca Alty was quoted as saying. 

Starting on Monday, the City will begin collecting black carts weekly instead of every two weeks. It will suspend collecting green organic carts.

Residents are told to put organic waste in black carts for the time being, and only place one cart at the curbside for collection.

The City says it is working with people who live on the Ingraham Trail to “address their residential garbage needs.”

Residents with honey bags, or without access to regular garbage collection, can contact the dump to set up an appointment at or (867) 669-3406. 


Dog poop in the black carts

Residents have also raised concerns about dog poop as warmer weather looms. The garbage can at the foot of the Tin Can Hill, for example, is overflowing with bags of dog poop.

The City has already said dog waste can be disposed of in black carts for now. City Hall said it already “looks forward to” the annual Yellowknife-wide spring clean-up, currently set for May 17-23.

Councillor Niels Konge suggested in a Facebook post on Tuesday that people use buckets with lids to store dog poop until the dump reopens. 

The City says it will continue to evaluate the situation, while warning that illegal dumping is environmentally and financially costly. Residents can report illegal dumping at 867-920-2737 or