Amid alcohol worry, RCMP seize whisky, weapons near Fort Prov

Police say they have seized 20 bottles of whisky and two guns during a check stop on Highway 1 involving a vehicle headed toward Fort Providence.

During the check stop “it was determined the occupants were in possession of 20 375-ml bottles of whisky and two unsafely stored firearms,” RCMP reported in a news release on Tuesday.

The stop took place on Friday afternoon, the same day that the Dene Nation called for further restrictions on liquor in the Northwest Territories.


Dene leaders and some MLAs have expressed concern about the role alcohol may play in the spread of Covid-19. Bootleggers, in particular, have been identified as a possible source of transmission if they inadvertently bring the disease into their community.

Police said the whisky bottles and weapons were seized but no charges were laid.

“The RCMP want to take the opportunity to remind people how much alcohol is hurting the community, creating social problems and fueling addictions,” said Cpl Cagri Yilmaz, commander of the Fort Providence RCMP detachment.

“The RCMP also want to stress to the public the dangers associated to unsafely stored firearms. Unsafe storage of firearms put everyone’s safety in jeopardy.”