It’s true. A ticket bought in Yellowknife just won $55 million

Last modified: May 2, 2020 at 12:02am

Yes, you read that right. There was one winning ticket for the May 1, 2020 Lotto Max jackpot, worth $55 million. That ticket was sold in Yellowknife.

While it’s possible the ticket was bought by someone who isn’t a Yellowknife resident, it’s likely that someone who lives here just became extraordinarily rich by most people’s standards.

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The website of the Western Canada Lottery Corporation confirmed the win. It’s understood to be the largest in Northwest Territories history by a wide margin.

The seven winning numbers – yes, go and get your ticket, now is a good time to check – were 3, 12, 25, 36, 37, 42, and 49.

It’s not yet clear who the winner is.

Winners of large lottery sums are obliged, as a condition of accepting their prize, to have their identity published. The Western Canada Lottery Corporation says this is done to demonstrate the integrity of the game, and that many different players win the prizes available.

Winners currently have 18 months from the date of the draw to claim.