Green cart collection will resume on June 1 in Yellowknife

The City of Yellowknife will resume collecting the contents of green organics carts on June 1, City Hall announced on Thursday.

Black cart collection has been weekly since the City scrapped green cart collection as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The last weekly collection will be from May 25-29, then green cart collection starts again from June 1-5.

“The schedule will then alternate on a bi-weekly schedule moving forward,” the City said in a news release.


Yellowknife Mayor Rebecca Alty said she was “excited” to resume organics collection.

You can check your location’s collection schedule using a tool on the City’s website.

The dump remains open with reduced hours from 1-4pm on weekdays. A spring amnesty, where the usual $10 tipping fee is waived for residents, will take place from May 19-22.

Salvaging remains off-limits and will only begin again “when it is safe to do so,” the City said.