City-owned playgrounds in Yellowknife are now open

A file photo of a playground rocker wrapped in caution tape in April 2020
A playground rocker wrapped in caution tape at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, when playgrounds were closed to the public, in April 2020. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio

City of Yellowknife-maintained playgrounds and outdoor recreation areas in Yellowknife are once again open, City Hall confirmed on Saturday.

The NWT moved into pandemic recovery phase one on Friday, in which the chief public health officer allows playgrounds to reopen – but only with certain measures in place, and at the discretion of their owners.

The City on Saturday said playgrounds and other outdoor areas owned by the City are now open, but residents need to obey certain rules if using them.

In particular, there can be no more than 25 people within the space at the time, and anyone over the age of 12 must stay two metres apart from anyone else.



Children aged 12 or under don’t have to maintain their distance while playing with other kids outdoors.

“It is encouraged that playgrounds only be used by children 12 years and under,” the City said.

“If you are sick or not feeling well, please do not enter the area and return home to self-isolate.”

Hand sanitizer should be used before and after handling any playground equipment.

The City has asked residents for patience while it works on a reopening plan for other facilities. On Saturday, City Hall said staff were “developing a reopening schedule.”

There was no immediate word on the reopening of playgrounds owned by other groups, like school districts.