New owner of YK grocery store looks for feedback

Trevor’s Independent is no more – the grocery store is now owned by Rochdi Mortada, whose name went up on the building in early July.

Mortada told Cabin Radio: “I’m part of the franchisee development program that Loblaw has going and I was looking for a store to own. I applied for it and got it.”

Prior to arriving in Yellowknife in March to take over the store from Trevor Grant, Mortada was working at a store in Edmonton. The official ownership transition took place on June 14, he said.


“I came in, Covid hit, and it was a really challenging time. But with the help of the employees, managers, and the community, we got over it,” said Mortada.

“I have a great team of 235 employees and we are willing to help the community succeed and provide whatever is needed.”

Mortada said he’s hoping to receive feedback from Yellowknifers on what they’d like to see in the store and how they’d like to see the store support the community.

A few months into life in the Northwest Territories, Mortada said he, his wife, and his baby are loving it – despite knowing how cold it gets.