Watch: Buskers in the Bush on YK’s Frame Lake Trail

Leela Gilday performs on the Frame Lake Trail in August 2020
Leela Gilday performs on the Frame Lake Trail in August 2020. Meaghan Brackenbury/Cabin Radio
Watch: Buskers in the Bush on the Frame Lake Trail.

For three weekends in August, artists in Yellowknife took part in the Buskers in the Bush series – the latest mid-pandemic programming from the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre (NACC).

Artists of all disciplines were stationed along Yellowknife’s Frame Lake Trail, perched on rocks and lichen for hikers to stop and check out.

The final Sunday’s line-up included musicians Leela Gilday and Andrea Bettger alongside painter James Wedzin. In past weeks, other NWT arts heavy-hitters on the trails have included Wesley Hardisty, Carmen Braden, and Rosalie Scott.

According to preliminary numbers from NACC, there were about 150 participants each weekend.



“It’s a growing tradition that we hope to continue in the future,” NACC executive artistic director Marie Coderre said. “It’s awesome to see the artists in such a natural setting.”

She added: “Every artist is so different from one another, and it’s different arts disciplines too so, to me, it’s always a surprise to discover their new material, what they do acoustically.

“I had a blast the three times.”

All photos on this page by Meaghan Brackenbury.



Carmen Braden, a singer-songwriter and composer based in Yellowknife, brought along a mini-piano and ukulele for her performance on August 9.

Musician and singer Yves Lécuyer brought a bilingual performance to the trail, flipping back and forth between French and English tunes.

Thespian, storyteller, and writer Maggie Mercredi gathered audiences around her while telling an intimate story she had written about her family. After sharing the tale, she pulled out a picture of her great grandmother, on whom one of the characters in the story was based.

This tired pup soaks in the sun while his owner takes in some music.

Flora & the Fireweeds took to centre stage – or centre rock – on August 16 armed with nothing but a ukulele and three-part harmonies.

Leela Gilday performed against the backdrop of Frame Lake.