Yellowknife’s Howard third in Green Party leadership contest

Last modified: October 3, 2020 at 6:05pm

Yellowknife doctor Courtney Howard placed third in the federal Green Party leadership contest as Annamie Paul won.

Candidates had to reach 11,939 votes to win election in a series of ranked ballots. Paul received a little more than 12,000 in the final round, officials said in the contest’s live-streamed climax.

Howard was eliminated in the seventh and penultimate round. Dimitri Lascaris was the runner-up.


The results were made public in an announcement beginning shortly before 5:50pm MT, around 45 minutes later than scheduled.

Activist and lawyer Paul, 47, becomes the first elected Black leader and first female Jewish leader of a major Canadian federal party.

“We believe in the future of the Green Party and we laid it on the line, I know that we all did,” Paul told her rivals in the contest, saying: “There is a role for them in the Green Party of Canada.”

Howard tweeted: “Incredible race by an intelligent, strong woman. The first Black woman to lead a political party in Canada. I am proud.”


The eight candidates in the running were Howard, Paul, Lascaris, Meryam Haddad, Amita Kuttner, David Merner, Glen Murray, and Andrew West.