Cabin Radio is almost built, and I can’t wait

Bob McLeod on Cabin Radio
Premier Bob McLeod is interviewed by Cabin Radio's Ollie Williams at the opening of the Inuvik-Tuk Highway in 2017.

Ollie here. Welcome to my show page.

I’m excited to spend some time getting back to broadcasting each day. When I came to Yellowknife in 2014, going live on the air each morning with the news was such a thrill and a privilege – I’ve missed it.

When Cabin Radio’s live stream launches in the coming months, I’ll bring you your morning news from 7am till 9am each weekday while Jesse pilots the morning show, then I’ve got you all to myself from 9am till 12pm.

I’ve got three ambitions for that three-hour slot leading up to lunch:



  • Play some good music. I have always believed that radio is about surprising people (in a good way) and playing a mix of great tracks you know alongside amazing talents you never knew about
  • Get people talking. We’ll book guests to come in and while away some of their morning with me as often as we can, so we can better get to know some of Yellowknife and the North’s personalities. That’s not only the ones with power who we need to understand and hold to account where necessary, but also the people making our territory a great place to live so we can celebrate them
  • Make your morning go faster. If everything goes to plan, you’ll hardly notice three hours go by because we’ll keep the day moving for you

Building a radio station from the ground up has been a phenomenal challenge and I’ve loved every minute so far, even though it’s completely out of my comfort zone. Up till now, I always got paid for talking, or writing, never for the dirty work behind the scenes that makes the talking and writing possible. It’s been a steep learning curve but the team has been superb, the community support has been way beyond anything I could have expected, and now that we’re so close to the finish line I just can’t wait till day one.

Hopefully see you there when we get to crank up the volume for the first time. Thanks for supporting us.