Watch: Cabin Radio’s Holiday Song

Season’s greetings from Cabin Radio. We made you something! It’s a gift we thought of all on our own.

OK that’s a lie, we had some help from Saturday Night Live.

Presenting Cabin Radio’s cover of I Wish It Was Christmas Today, starring AJ Goodwin and featuring Ollie Williams, Scott Letkeman, Jesse Wheeler, a puppy, Sarah Pruys, Penny the Cabin Radio dog, Emily Blake, Sarah Sibley, and Meaghan Brackenbury.


Cabin Radio gives its staff additional paid leave between the afternoon of Christmas Eve and Monday, January 4. (It doesn’t come out of their annual leave allowance.) We’ll cover breaking news as it happens but otherwise we’ll be back to full strength on January 4.

Thanks for listening to Cabin Radio, reading our journalism, and supporting independent northern broadcasting in 2020. You’re the best.

Oh, and here are the outtakes with AJ trying to master the lyrics. (Don’t remember the original Saturday Night Live skit? It’s here.)