Watch: D’Hont & Son join Yellowknife’s guerrilla groomers

Yellowknifers are spoilt for choice on World Snow Day this Sunday. Local skiers have an ever-expanding range of trails thanks to the “guerrilla groomers” who maintain the city’s tracks.

Thomsen D’Hont and his father, Adrian, are the latest members of the grooming club. Adrian built a track-setting machine from a street sign and some pieces of wood, and has used it to open up ski tracks for more than 10 km starting where Merlin Road meets Deh Cho Boulevard.

Thomsen, a leading NWT skier who’s now training to become a family doctor, says that’s where he learned to ski as a kid. Back then, he used skidoo tracks – now, the “D’Hont Trail” is a matter of family pride and giving back to the community.


It’s already proving popular. On Saturday afternoon, the tiny parking lot at the trailhead was overflowing onto the nearby street.

“We’re glad the community is enjoying it. We’re getting a lot of love on the Yellowknife Ski Updates Facebook page,” said Thomsen.

“And a shoutout to all the other folks grooming in town, because I ski a lot on their trails, as well.”