NWT seeking input on trappers and harvesters programs

Last modified: May 18, 2021 at 2:27pm

The Northwest Territories government is asking for public feedback on how it can improve programs that aim to support traditional harvesting and trapping across the territory. 

Surveys on the Community Harvesters Assistance Program and Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program are now open. People can also provide feedback to the government at 1-866-611-3877 or

People who complete the survey will be entered to win a prize.


“Harvesting and trapping have been important activities in the NWT since time immemorial. These traditional ways of life carry on culture and traditions of the North and teach how to live sustainably while providing a source of income for many northern Indigenous people,” Environment and Natural Resources Minister Shane Thompson said in a statement. “We want to support this way of life in the territory and ensure that the priorities of those who use these programs are what guide their development.”

Through the Community Harvesters Assistance Program, the territorial government provides funding to Indigneous governments, renewable resource councils, hunters and trappers committees, and local hunting organizations. 

The Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program provides NWT trappers with access to the international fur auction market, actively markets and promotes fur at international venues, and protects NWT harvesters against sudden and unanticipated declines in market prices.