Old Town Log Cabins offers ‘free wife’ to guests

A Yellowknife cabin rental company is inadvertently promising travellers a “free wife” on arrival in the city.

Old Town Log Cabins, based on Bretzlaff Drive behind the Gallery of the Midnight Sun, boasts of “excellent facilities for travellers” on its website.

“We provide free wife, cable and parking for all guests directly in front of our cabins,” the company’s webpage claims.


It continues: “This includes an exterior plug.”

The unfortunate typographical error, likely the fault of autocorrect, was brought to Cabin Radio’s attention by a local resident on Friday.

In all likelihood, Old Town Log Cabins was attempting to offer guests wireless internet access – and not a spouse on the house.

The company charges $157.50 per night for the use of a cabin, with discounts available for weekly or monthly stays.

Airbnb’s visitors have awarded the business a perfect five-star rating from eight reviews to date.