No new date so far set for Acho Dene Koe chief election

Last modified: July 21, 2021 at 7:14am

Almost a month after a declaration that the Acho Dene Koe First Nation must hold a new election for the position of chief, no new date has been determined for voting to take place.

The preliminary results of the original April 26 election were overruled on June 23 after lawyer Garth Wallbridge, the one-man appeal committee, annulled the election for chief under the First Nation’s custom election code.

Wallbridge ordered a new election “be held with all due haste, as quickly as can reasonably be done.”


Boyd Clark, the First Nation’s band manager, said an election can’t be called until Wallbridge’s report – outlining how his decisions were reached – is received.

“At this point in time council has not established the date of the election. They are unable to do so until they receive the full report,” Clark said, adding the report would clarify “certain items” to allow a new election to proceed.

“Until that’s actually filed, simply the rules of the election aren’t clear at this point,” he said.

Asked about his report, Wallbridge told Cabin Radio he “cannot responsibly to speak to the media at all” while serving as the election’s appeal committee.

The First Nation in Fort Liard has seen a new council sworn in. Brenda Berreault has been appointed acting sub-chief until an official chief is determined.


The results for the position of chief were initially delayed because two appeals were being heard, one from James Duntra, who was a contender in the election, and one from former chief Floyd Bertrand.

June 23’s ruling states Bertrand can run in the new election after initially being ruled ineligible. A different individual must be named election officer for the new election, Wallbridge concluded.