Significant blast attracts Yellowknife’s attention

Last modified: June 9, 2018 at 4:27pm

A strong blast and large plume of dust shook Yellowknifers to attention at around four o’clock on Saturday afternoon.

Initial photos of the blast, felt across the city and as far north as the Yellowknife River’s Tartan Rapids, suggested it had taken place in the vicinity of the dump.

In response to a Facebook post from city councillor Steve Payne querying the nature of the blast, one commenter identified the nearby NWT Construction quarry as its origin. Cabin Radio could not immediately confirm the quarry as the source.


“We just did a blast … it was only a little one,” the commenter added – a view not shared by all residents.

“That was one loud rumble,” declared resident Michelle MacDonald, one of many taking to Twitter to question the source of the blast.

Summer blasting is a commonplace occurrence in Yellowknife, ordinarily accompanied by notice of the work ahead of time and a series of audible warnings prior to the blast itself.

At least one resident, canoeing on Back Bay at the time, said they had heard no such warning beforehand. The City of Yellowknife’s website appeared to carry no blasting notices at the time of writing.

Prior to commencing any blast, blasting companies are required to notify the City’s fire division, municipal enforcement officers, and public works officials. Cabin Radio has approached the City for clarification regarding Saturday’s blast.