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All About Anal

Welcome back to the SubArctic Sex Show!

This week’s show is All About Anal – and I do mean ALL about anal. Anal sex is something that can be a really fun addition to a sex life, but there are a lot of ways to do it wrong – and doing it wrong is a great way to make sure you never do it again. The show starts with a quick anatomy lesson, then lots of tips for how to play with your butt – or somebody else’s butt – in a way that’s safe, fun, and not embarassing.

A major concern for lots of people when it comes to butt stuff is hygiene and safety, and good news – it’s actually really easy to keep your anus clean and ready for play. I’ve got some tips and techniques that will help you go into anal play feeling confident and sexy. Good news: douching not (usually) necessary.

My good friend Seb LeTurntable joins me to ask some questions, and we talk (more) about butt stuff, plus: queefing, role playing, and somebody who needs to learn how to… adjust for size.



Don’t forget to grab your condoms for the Great Yellowknife Rubber Race from the Cabin Radio Studio, and fill out the form to tell me everything about the condoms, and the sex you had with them! I’m hoping to have a full results show sometime in August so… get busy, Yellowknife.

Please send in more questions so I can keep talking about all of your sordid details – remember, you get to stay anonymous!

Damp and foggy,