Frankly Speaking

Cabin Radio's resident, and anonymous, sex show host.

Stuck In The Friendzone With Shannon


Shannon joins me this week to get deep into the Friendzone (confirm – Shannon and Frank are just friends) – while acknowledging that the jury is still out on if it even exists. BUT, if it doesn’t exist, why are so many people upset about it? And why is friends...

Penis Pals!


On this week’s show, my guest Ian Cognito and I have some no-holds-barred-cock-talk. Ian was in town for once, which was great, so I told him that we’d grab a beer and then he could surprise me with the theme of this week’s show. When he said that we were talk...

History Lessons, Y’all!


Hey folks! Tonight’s show is one I’ve been wanting to do for a verrrry long time, but to be frank (ha), I wasn’t sure if anybody else would be into it. Well, to hell with it. Tonight, Frankly Speaking brings you The History of Birth Control! From ancient Egypt...

Subspace, Subdrop, And Aftercare


Hey folks! Thanks for your patience as I get prepped for more shows and more interviews! This week’s show is a kinda-follow up to the interview I had with Jessica and Rylund about Northern Bound, Yellowknife’s least-secret sex club. We started talking about su...

Swipe Right On Feelings!


This week, my guest is the lovely and unfortunately quite sick Sally. Even though she was literally eating chunks of ginger the whole time, we delve deep into feelings about breakups, about Tinder dates, and about navigating new parts of a sex life. When you’r...

Hiberdating, Holidays, and Halloween Hookups


Baby, it’s getting cold out there… come warm up at the Cabin! This week’s episode, I’m joined by “Sharon” and “Jennifer” to talk about the Yellowknife phenomenon of Hiberdating vs. Hyperdating – what’s with the September Shuffle, the Spring Break-Up, and YKers...

Burlesque, Bodies, and Bachelor Parties


Hey folks! This week, I was joined in studio by the incredible Ruby Slickeur, a burlesque performer/clown/general bad-ass who has performed across British Colombia, and now lives in Yellowknife. We talk about bodies, taking your clothes off on stage, and then,...

SeXTing, Talking Dirty, and The Clitoris


This week’s show is a replay from a couple week’s back, but it’s a good one, so I hope you enjoy it! First off, I was lucky enough to get the incredibly talented and brilliant Shira Taylor in studio. Shira runs a program out of Toronto called SeXT: Sex Educati...

Festival Sex and Dental Dams


FOLK FOLK FOLK FOLK FOLK!!! This week’s show is all about festival fun! My special guest Forty Two has a ton of advice on making sure that your festival hook-ups are fun, consensual, safe, legal, and don’t result in sandy bits. We want you to have the best tim...

Empowerment, Proposals, Ruts, and Aftercare


What’s sexual empowerment? What’s a sexual empowerment coach? What does a good sex life even look like? On tonight’s show, I’m joined by Sexual Empowerment Coach Jessica Budgell, a former Yellowknifer who is working in the burgeoning field of sexual empowermen...

Toys, Toys, Toys!


Happy Patriotism, everybody! This show was so much fun! This week, Jack Layman joins me “in studio” (Skype) from Toronto, where they run the Come As You Are Cooperative, a sex-toy store that’s really so much more. Jack talks to me about their best sellers, tip...

Disabilities, Catholic Guilt, and Overused Vibrators


That title makes this show sound a lot heavier than it is. Welcome to the SubArctic Sex Show for Sunday, June 24, 2018! Joining me in the studio today are The Enabler and BonBon. They’re not a new comedic duo – The Enabler is going to tell me all about sex and...