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NWT launches new, self-serve proof of vaccination

A detail from an NWT government proof-of-vaccination credential
A detail from an NWT government proof-of-vaccination credential.

Residents of the Northwest Territories can now fill out an online form to receive proof of vaccination against Covid-19.

The NWT government launched the online form on Tuesday, saying the new “proof of vaccination credential” offered by the system had been designed to meet federal requirements.

The credential provides your name, date of birth, the brand of vaccine you received, and when you received it.

“The format is standardized to allow for it to be used across the country,” the NWT government said in a news release.



Julie Green, the territory’s health minister, said her government had worked closely with other provinces, territories, and Ottawa to create the credential.

Until now, residents have made do with printouts from public health or their local health centre. In some cases, residents have reported being denied entry to facilities in southern Canada or abroad as their NWT-issued documents appeared so easy to falsify.

To use the new form, you will need your NWT healthcare card number. The form asks you to confirm when you received your first shot and which shot you received. (Note that a number of residents report the form only wants your first name, not your middle name, even though it asks for all given names. Residents declined by the form when providing their middle name discovered it worked when only their first name was entered.)

At the moment, the new credential is only available via the online form and subsequent PDF download. Later this month, the territory said, an option to pick up the document will become available at a range of locations to be confirmed.

“At this time, please do not go to your local health centre to request a copy,” the territory stated in its news release.