Eleven Yellowknife vehicle thefts in two months, police say

Yellowknife RCMP say 11 vehicles have been reported stolen since the start of September. On five of those occasions, the keys were left inside.

Leaving a vehicle running on cold days is common practice in Yellowknife, though September and October to date have not been cold by the city’s standards. The precise circumstances of each reported vehicle theft were not given.

The vehicles and location range all over the city,” police said in a Tuesday news release. As the weather does turn colder, RCMP warned anyone leaving their car running not to leave it unattended.


“Keys to the vehicle should not be left unsecured in the vehicle, as this provides a crime of opportunity,” said police.

“Lock your vehicle and secure the keys away from the vehicle. Do not leave cash or valuables in your vehicle.”

It isn’t clear how 11 reported vehicle thefts compares to the number Yellowknife RCMP would normally anticipate in a similar period of time.

Police said they would welcome any assistance in identifying suspects.


“At this time, the locations are too varied to indicate a specific target area, so anyone who has observed suspicious activity in the city is requested to report the information,” Tuesday’s news release concluded.