City sets out zoning bylaw public hearing schedule

The City of Yellowknife on Tuesday published details of a forthcoming public hearing regarding its proposed new zoning bylaw.

A public hearing has to happen by law before the bylaw becomes law. The hearing has been scheduled for a 10am start at the city’s DND gym – inside the multiplex – on Saturday, November 27. You can watch via Zoom, too.

“The public hearing is an opportunity for residents to speak or comment directly to council about the new zoning bylaw, now that it has received first reading,” the city said in a short news release.


The bylaw has been the subject of various tweaks in recent weeks based on residents’ feedback. Most of the outstanding concern relates to how residential zones around the city’s downtown are set to change, and which land uses will be permissible.

City planners have been trying to introduce more uses to those residential zones, such as restaurants, corner stores, or gyms, arguing that to do so is both more environmentally friendly and better represents the needs of residents. Some residents fear that doing so will alter the character of the neighbourhood around them.

Residents have until 4:30pm on Wednesday, November 24 to send written submissions to the city clerk. To speak at the public hearing either in person or via Zoom, contact the clerk by email or on (867) 920-5602 before noon on Friday, November 26.

“Residents are advised that council cannot consider any submissions received after the public hearing is declared closed,” the city said.