41 vodka bottles in Ndilo home prompt bootlegging arrest

Yellowknife RCMP say they have arrested a suspected bootlegger after finding 41 mickeys of Smirnoff vodka in a Ndilo home.

In a news release on Monday, police said they executed a search warrant in Ndilo after beginning an investigation on Saturday evening.

Police named Byron Naskathey as the man arrested. The news release said Naskathey was detained “without incident” and faces three charges under the Liquor Act.


Without going into detail, RCMP thanked the public for contributing to the police investigation.

It’s not clear when Naskathey will appear in court. The charges against him have yet to be proved.

Facebook share

This arrest comes a week after another man was arrested on suspicion of running what amounted to an illegal liquor store from his car in downtown Yellowknife.

A Facebook user named Byron Naskathey – who may or may not be the same Byron Naskathey arrested in Ndilo – publicly shared Cabin Radio’s article about that incident at the time.

In sharing the story, the Facebook user wrote: “Pro tip: If you’re going to sell alcohol from your vehicle, don’t keep your money and all your alcohol on you. Also, don’t stay at one spot downtown. Keep moving.”


Under the shared post, a friend of the Facebook user writes: “How old are you again?”

The user named Byron Naskathey replies: “Old enough to boot leg 😂 😂.”