Walk-in hours expanded at Yellowknife’s DMV

Residents’ ability to access the Yellowknife DMV, a perennial Covid-19 concern, has improved a little as walk-in hours expand slightly this week.

The ability to get into the city’s Driver and Vehicle Office has been hampered by pandemic-related capacity limits. At various times since March 2020, the office has switched to and from an appointment-only system.

Since July, the office has allowed walk-ins on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons.


From Tuesday, that switches to walk-ins from 9am until 4pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays (but not on Mondays). The shift adds two hours of walk-in availability each week and is advertised by the territorial government as creating “two full days for walk-in clients rather than pockets of time on specific days.”

A mask is needed and capacity limits mean the door is kept closed, with visitors screened and admitted one by one.