Yellowknifers warned about thin ice after Grace Lake incident

The City of Yellowknife is reminding city dwellers to be careful on the ice after someone fell through a thin spot on Grace Lake. 

According to the city, the incident occurred earlier this month when the person was walking close to the lake’s shoreline. They fell through the ice up to their chest but were able to rescue themselves from the water.

While the city said all lakes within Yellowknife – including Grace Lake – had ice at least six inches thick by November 21, the municipality added there can still be areas of weakness where flowing water is nearby. That includes culverts, areas where water flows into and out of lakes, and rivers.


Kam Lake MLA Caitlin Cleveland said in a Facebook post that as water runs from Grace Lake to Kam Lake, the ice around the causeway entrance is thin.

“One of [the] kiddos discovered this the hard way, as have some other residents. Luckily in each occasion people were able to self-rescue,” Cleveland wrote.

If you are unsure of lake ice thickness, the city recommends drilling a test hole or staying off the ice.