Jesse Wheeler ‘to run for Yellowknife deputy mayor’

Cabin Radio host Jesse Wheeler inside Studio 1 on the morning of August 31, 2018
Cabin Radio host Jesse Wheeler inside Studio 1 on the morning of August 31, 2018. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

Cabin Radio host Jesse Wheeler has declared his intention to run in October’s Yellowknife municipal election.

Campaigning under a slogan of “whichever way the wind blows,” Wheeler unveiled a list of policy commitments on Friday morning as nominations officially opened.

With reference to not only running for council but also specifically targeting the post of deputy mayor, Wheeler said: “Let’s just go for it, directly out of the gate.”

The deputy mayor is appointed by council at the mayor’s recommendation, meaning Wheeler would have to both gain election as a councillor and convince the newly formed council of his merits.



“I want to use Walt Humphries’ paintings as a platform,” said Wheeler on Friday. “Like the one where there is literally a war for the houseboats.

“We can go either way on this, it depends which way the wind is blowing. We can either be for the houseboaters or wage war against the houseboaters completely. I’ll build a wall for the houseboaters and the City’s going to pay for it. Or the other way around.

“That’s how politics works, right? Whichever way the wind blows, that’s how you vote.”

Siestas and Sean Kingston

Outlining other campaign pledges inspired by Walt Humphries paintings, Wheeler said: “I would propose a dome over Yellowknife. Have you seen that one? There’s a water slide coming out of City Hall. It’s fantastic.”



Wheeler, host of Mornings at the Cabin since Cabin Radio first broadcast in March, also pledged to:

  • end bidding for KFC at ridiculous sums online (a commitment expected to soon become redundant once a new KFC opens in Yellowknife);
  • put Taco Bell and KFC in one building, saying “none of this three-building nonsense”;
  • end the debate over which is the best pizza in the city;
  • keep the Tim Hortons drive-through open 24 hours a day;
  • introduce siestas; and
  • bring Sean Kingston back to Yellowknife for a six-song set.

“I’m very excited. I was born here. I learned to ride my bike on Ragged Ass Road. I have scars on my body from playing in the Woodyard,” he said.

Gail Cyr, Wheeler’s mother, served as both a councillor and deputy mayor in the 1990s.

Mayor Mark Heyck is stepping down at this election, with Adrian Bell and Rebecca Alty – both councillors – the two declared candidates to replace him.

Cabin Radio will remain dispassionate and aloof throughout the municipal election campaign. Interviews with all confirmed candidates for election in Yellowknife will follow once their papers have been filed and candidacy confirmed by officials.