After summer fails to show, YK snow is earliest since 1982

Yellowknife’s year of meteorological misery continued apace on Wednesday as the elements elected to snow on the city’s residents.

A brief flurry in the early morning hours resulted in a dusting of Facebook posts by around 7am.

The development suggests fall will follow summer as the second successive season to be mislaid.


However, snow in early September is not without precedent.

September 5 in 1964 produced more than six centimetres of snow, Environment Canada records from Yellowknife Airport’s weather station suggest.

By comparison, only three days this past winter saw more snow than that.

Last year, Yellowknife residents had until October 13 before the first snow of the season. In 2016, it was October 2.

Not since 1982, when Yellowknife somehow managed to achieve a centimetre of snow on the afternoon of August 23, has the city received snow this early.


Yellowknife’s record for the latest snow in the season is June 20, on which day 30 mm of snow fell in 1967. In 1979, almost 16 cm fell over two days at the end of May.