Yellowknife art show doubles as wildlife photographer’s debut

Wiley Wolfe calls it his “coming-out party.” After 10 years in wildlife photography, this weekend he is exhibiting his work for the first time.

Wolfe’s photos hang alongside Robyn Scott’s oil paintings and Carey Bray’s digital art at Wild, a northern wildlife art show being staged at Yellowknife’s Racquet Club.

“I had never even professionally printed photographs before,” said Wolfe at a show preview on Friday evening.


“For me, this is about 10 years in the making.”

Wolfe began wildlife photography while working as a tour guide in the Rocky Mountains. He moved to Yellowknife in 2020.

“I always did it as a passion project and never really looked to make a career out of wildlife photography,” he said.

“I spent the past 10 years of my life, countless hours, in the wild looking for these beautiful animals. It has all come to fruition today.”

Scott hoped to hold a show two years ago before the Covid-19 pandemic cancelled it.


“I’m really grateful to be here,” she said on Friday.

“I’ve been working on refining my artwork, and then I teamed up with two other artists who are really passionate about representing northern wildlife. We thought it was a really good fit.”

Carey Bray's Time Alone, left, and Robyn Scott's Black and Grey Bison at their Wild art show
Carey Bray’s Time Alone, left, and Robyn Scott’s Black and Grey Bison at their Wild art show. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio
Prowler, by Carey Bray
Prowler, by Carey Bray. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

Bray said he attempts to create digital art “that’s familiar to people, that you can associate with.”

“It could work as fine art, it could work as something you could hang in your kid’s room,” he said.


“I usually do landscapes and houses – I was looking to get some experience drawing animals, and that’s how this project came about.”

Wild: A Northern Wildlife Art Show runs from 11:30am till 6pm on Saturday, May 7 at the Racquet Club.