Kandis Jameson runs to replace Brad Mapes as Hay River mayor

Kandis Jameson is running to replace Brad Mapes as mayor of Hay River.

Jameson, owner-operator of Jameson Holdings and a resident of the town since 1979, filed her candidacy papers late last week ahead of Monday’s deadline.

She told Cabin Radio she wants to continue the work done by outgoing mayor Brad Mapes, who is stepping back to focus on ventures like his wood pellet business.


“The biggest thing is our town is on the brink of a lot of things happening. I think it’s ready for expansion,” said Jameson.

“We have some pretty big files happening and I think there needs to be some continuity in our mayor. I’m really sad to see Brad go but I understand he has competing priorities.

“Those are hard shoes to fill, following Brad. Hopefully we can maintain the momentum.”

Nominations will be confirmed after Monday’s 3pm deadline. Cabin Radio is not aware of anyone other than Jameson running to succeed Mapes, though she said she would welcome a race.

‘Big part of who I am’

Jameson has served on both her District Education Authority (for 17 years, 10 as chair) and the South Slave Divisional Education Council (for 10 years). She and her husband have been involved in owning and operating three businesses in Hay River during their four decades in the community.


“We are ready to grow and I think economic development is big,” said Jameson.

“Developing lots – we’re down to very few, we’d be lucky I think to get six, so that needs to happen. The power franchise is another one, we need to make sure that file is closed.

“I’ve raised my family here, I have a grandson here, I’ve been in the community since 1979. It’s a big part of who I am and I feel very strongly about how amazing this community is.”

James has already spent two terms on Hay River’s town council, also serving as a member of the finance, personnel, and policy committees.


“I had been looking forward to retirement,” she admitted, “but I guess things have changed.”