NWT increases cost of hunting licences and tags

The Northwest Territories government has increased the cost of hunting licences, tags and harvest fees in the territory. 

According to the territory, the rise in fees – which came into effect on Wednesday – is in line with increases to the consumer price index, which measures changes to the price of goods over time. 

“For most licences and tags, the increase is only a few dollars more,” the NWT government stated in a news release. The increase will be higher for some species and commercial or outfitter use. 


According to last year’s guide on hunting and trapping regulations, tag fees, where applicable, ranged from $22 to $110, depending on the species and type of hunting licence a harvester possessed. Harvest fees ranged from $220 to $2,200.

With the cost increase, tag fees now range from $24 to $119, and harvest fees from $238 to $2,376.

Resident and non-resident hunters must have a licence to harvest wildlife in the territory. Indigenous harvesters who have rights to harvest in parts of the NWT only need a general hunting licence to hunt outside those areas. 

Since January 2020, all resident and non-resident hunters have been required to complete government-issued hunter education training before they are issued an NWT hunting licence. 


The NWT government has released a new guide outlining hunting and trapping rules across the territory.