Submerged truck removed from NWT’s Prosperous Lake

Last modified: June 3, 2022 at 6:48am

It’s not uncommon for vehicles to fall through the ice in the Northwest Territories. Retrieving them can be tricky. 

North Shore Towing and a team of divers on Thursday removed a truck that was submerged in water in the narrows on Prosperous Lake, just north of Yellowknife.

The divers secured airbags to the Toyota Tacoma to help it float to the surface, then towed it close to shore by boat. There, the towing company was able to pull the truck to land with a winch.


Kyle Jarvis of North Shore Towing said the family that owns the truck contacted the company for help after the vehicle went through the ice this spring. The towing company reached out to local divers to help.

North Shore Towing and a team of divers remove a truck from Prosperous Lake.

While this was Jarvis’ first water rescue, this isn’t the first vehicle requiring retrieval from the area.

Jeremy MacDonald, an avid diver and the man behind the show Shit I Found Diving in YK, said a van was rescued from the same spot five years ago, along with three snow machines.

“It’s a known dangerous spot for vehicles going through,” he said, adding the ice can be thin even in the dead of winter. 

MacDonald said it’s important to remove vehicles from lakes as chemicals, oil and gas could leach into the water. 


Divers attached airbags to the truck and towed it near shore. Emily Blake/Cabin Radio
The truck is pulled to shore. Emily Blake/Cabin Radio

“We got it out as quick as we could,” he said. “I just found out about it two days ago and then we came up with a plan.”

In this case, MacDonald said, the owner of the truck had recently lost his son and was heading to a cabin to collect his son’s belongings when his truck went through the ice. He urged people to be compassionate toward the family.

“It’s out of the water. It’s all good now,” he said.


The truck makes it to safety. Emily Blake/Cabin Radio