How do you rate the NWT government’s Covid-19 response?

The NWT government has launched an online survey for residents to review the territory’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and offer feedback.

The survey, available until August 15 on the GNWT’s public engagement website, focuses on the territory’s operational response to the pandemic between March 2020 and April 2022.

Questions examine how the territory communicated with the public and community or Indigenous governments, as well as its decision-making process.


“Every single person in the Northwest Territories was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Premier Caroline Cochrane in a news release on Friday.

“As a government, it’s important we look back and review how our response to the pandemic was managed to ensure we understand where we succeeded, and where we need to take action to make improvement.”

When results are made available this fall, residents can expect a summary of key findings and recommendations.

“By engaging with and listening to the experiences of the people of the Northwest Territories, we will be able to ensure we are better prepared for future public health emergencies,” said Cochrane.

Aside from residents, leaders of Indigenous and community governments, MLAs, and senior GNWT officials have been asked to participate in the review through a separate survey.