Parks Canada reports possible Wood Buffalo anthrax outbreak

Parks Canada says a possible anthrax outbreak among bison is being investigated in what it called a “remote backcountry area” of Wood Buffalo National Park.

In a statement this week, the federal agency said the suspected outbreak was in a southern area of the park away from visitor facilities and roads that cross the park.

“Late last week, staff received mortality signals from several collared bison in the southern area of the park,” Parks Canada stated.


“Three bison were observed deceased in the Sweetgrass area and two were field tested for anthrax. The samples are being sent to a lab to confirm the results.”

Since then, Parks Canada added, “more bison have been found deceased and anthrax is suspected.”

Carcasses have been found at Lake One and the Trident Creek or Trident Meadows area.

“So far, the deceased bison have been located in remote locations of the park and we don’t foresee any threat to the public,” Parks Canada stated. An area closure is in place for Sweetgrass, Trident Creek and Trident Meadows.