In pictures: Old Town Pond Sailors Regatta 2022

Yellowknife’s Old Town Pond Sailors Regatta crowned a back-to-back champion after 21 boats negotiated fierce flotsam and jeopardizing jetsam this past weekend.

For the second year in a row, Knox Stephen captured the Pond Regatta Cup with a craft aptly named Fast Runner. The prize for first place: a model of a British man-o’-war battleship.

Anthony Foliot, organizer of the regatta, loaned some of his own hand-built hulls to spectators who arrived without their own vessel.


“At the starting-gun crack of a bear banger, in almost calm waters under the occasional southeastern puff, anxious sailors plopped their boats into the water aiming for the finish line 100 metres to the northeast,” maritime correspondent and photographer Bill Braden wrote.

“Some watched helplessly as their boats tacked directly southward away from the finish line, while other boats joined together in aimless jumbles, waiting for helpful dockside nudges to get back on course.”

Stephen’s boat, a wooden baguette holder augmented by styrofoam, copper pipe and a repurposed NWT flag, became a back-to-back winner some 15 minutes into the race.

Here are some of Bill Braden’s shots from the day.

Kris Schlagintweit attempts to resolve a maritime traffic jam. Photo: Bill Braden
The regatta is an annual occasion in Yellowknife’s Old Town. Photo: Bill Braden
Entrants are invited to assemble their own miniature sailboat. Photo: Bill Braden
This was the 13th running of the festival. Photo: Bill Braden
The course is around 100 metres in length. Photo: Bill Braden