Efforts begin to move Hay River barge that sank in spring flood

Divers have completed an assessment of a sunken barge in Hay River as preparations are made to move the vessel out of the river channel.

The barge was washed into the channel and sank during Hay River’s spring flooding, the NWT’s Department of Infrastructure previously confirmed to Cabin Radio.

Navigation through the Hay River itself, already affected by sediment build-up in some locations, has been complicated by the stricken barge’s presence.


On Thursday, the department said divers had finished “preliminary work on any openings in the barge” and a contractor brought in to re-float the vessel could make an attempt to do so on Friday.

Whether that attempt goes ahead depends on conditions, which are forecast to be sunny on Friday with light to moderate winds.

“As the health and safety of our staff and contractors is a priority, no attempt will be made until the weather conditions improve,” the department stated by email.