Housing NWT no longer needs co-pay for emergency repairs

Paulie Chinna in the Legislative Assembly in February 2021.

Housing NWT says, effective immediately, co-payment is no longer required for homeowners to access its emergency repair program.

The program offers assistance when urgent action is required, such as pipes freezing or a furnace failure, and is available to seniors on fixed incomes and adults living below the poverty line determined in each community.

Previously, the organization required a co-payment determined by income at the time of the application. Now, Housing NWT acknowledges that often slowed down the process.

In a Monday press release, Housing NWT said eliminating that requirement would mean a more “client-centred” approach to program delivery.



“We are reviewing our policies and practices to address barriers faced by people with significant housing challenges,” said housing minister Paulie Chinna in November. Housing NWT is undergoing what it calls a “renewal” since rebranding from its old name, the NWT Housing Corporation.

“A large part of this work involves listening to concerns about existing programs and services and finding ways to improve them.”