Series of Hay River power outages under investigation

The Hay River welcome sign at night. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio

Multiple power outages overnight in Hay River are being investigated, the NWT Power Corporation said on Monday.

Homes in the town lost power repeatedly in the early hours of Monday morning. Some customers reported a dozen or more separate outages through the night.

Power to Hay River is normally supplied via transmission line from the Taltson hydro plant. In a statement on Twitter, the NWT Power Corporation – which generates power at Taltson – said the fault lay with Northland Utilities, or NUL, the company that currently distributes that power in Hay River.

“NTPC is aware that customers in Hay River experienced several short outages overnight when an NUL automatic recloser operated on the Hay River system,” the power corporation stated.



An automatic recloser acts like a household circuit breaker to shut down a system when trouble is identified.

“Hay River is being powered by diesel generation while our friends at Northland Utilities investigate the issue,” the power corporation added.

In a tweet after this article was first published, Northland Utilities stated: “Our customers in Hay River experienced some brief outages this morning. We are currently running on our generators while we patrol the line and investigate.”