Hiberdating, Holidays, and Halloween Hookups

Baby, it’s getting cold out there… come warm up at the Cabin!

This week’s episode, I’m joined by “Sharon” and “Jennifer” to talk about the Yellowknife phenomenon of Hiberdating vs. Hyperdating – what’s with the September Shuffle, the Spring Break-Up, and YKers emerging into the sun like slutty little butterflies (big thanks to Jennifer for that lovely visual). We talk about hooking up at Halloween, and why these hookups sometimes turn into a season-long-Netflix-and-chill buddy – and why sometimes they don’t.

We also tackle some big questions – how do you talk about your STI status with a one-night stand? What do you do for Christmas when your partner’s plans are like an after-school holiday special, and you’re more into a death drop from Nakatomi Plaza? If your “totally straight” boyfriend is watching gay porn – is he actually totally straight?

AND – a big question: What is the best vibrator? We all have our personal opinions, but the one thing we agree on is that you need to find a good retailer, that you can trust! Since Yellowknife isn’t exactly swimming with sex toy shops, we recommend the following:



Come As You Are Co-operative (they recycle old sex toys! The universe thanks you!):
Venus Envy (highly recommended by Jennifer and Sharon)

Stay warm out there (body heat and co-showering highly recommended),