Swipe Right On Feelings!

This week, my guest is the lovely and unfortunately quite sick Sally. Even though she was literally eating chunks of ginger the whole time, we delve deep into feelings about breakups, about Tinder dates, and about navigating new parts of a sex life.

When you’re in a place like Yellowknife, the rules about Tinder change – or do they? Does a right swipe ALWAYS mean that you’re DTF, or is there a place for dog-walking buddies in this whole web? Sally has some great stories, and pro tips for using Tinder when you’re travelling to capitalize on local knowledge, and find the best brunch – but actually, the best brunch.

In question period, we hear about a boyfriend, and his secret potentially kinky side. We explore a few websites looking for non-penetrating-or-vibrating sex toys and games (once again, I highly recommend Come As You Are Sex Toy Cooperative, Venus Envy, and Good For Her for all of your sexy purchasing needs, specifically based on their customer service, inclusivity, and great selection of products), but remember – these things should INSPIRE your own creativity, not give you a step-by-step instruction booklet to having better sex.

Lots of long-time Yellowknifers are going to empathize with another listener who wants to find a place for her and her boyfriend to get some much-needed “quality time” together over the break (hint: housesitting), and of course, the temptation and horniness that can set in after a break up, and set us back a few steps on our journey to healing. Is a rebound ever a good idea? What else can you do? How do you get sexytime, when you have to give it to yourself?



Next week, we’ll have a special review of lots of sexy Christmas toys and gifts, and our last question period before the holiday. The SubArctic Sex Show will be back in January with new shows, so make sure to send in your questions now!

Hugs and kisses,