Housing NWT creates new time window, single form for repair programs

Housing NWT is introducing a new, limited application window for some of its programs – and switching to a single form to cover them.

This year’s application process will open on April 1 and end on October 31 for the Preventative Maintenance, Major Home Repair for Seniors, Seniors Aging in Place and Mobility Adaptation programs.

One form can now be used to cover all of them.


The Emergency Repair and Fuel Tank Replacement programs will continue to accept rolling applications, Housing NWT said in a Tuesday news release.

The territory’s housing agency said the changes will streamline the application process.

“A single application form and single intake period will save time, ensure fairness of allocating funds, provide the time needed to scope projects and procure supplies for the following year [and] enable the ability to evaluate programs annually and better plan for the next year’s intake,” the agency stated.

Housing NWT has previously reported that 696 applicants accessed programming in 2020-21, a number that rose to 871 in 2021-22.

Improving access to programming is one of the agency’s stated goals as it changes a range of its policies – a renewal process that includes Tuesday’s announcement.


But Housing NWT also needs to keep up with demand. Last year, agency president Eleanor Young said her staff were already having trouble meeting the needs of everyone requesting repairs.