The NWT’s top baby names of 2018

Last modified: January 9, 2019 at 8:46am

The NWT’s top baby names of 2018 are in, with four names tied at the top.

The territory being the size it is, there were just four babies born with each of four most popular names last year: Carter, John, Olivia, and Peyton.

John and Olivia in a tie for first suggests 2018 was also a strong year for northerners watching the musical classic Grease.


In second place, with three babies given each name, are Amelia, Audrey, Naomi, and Emma.

The names Ezra and Joseph round out the list of the top 10 names in the territory for 2018.

In Canada, the pregnancy and parenting website BabyCenter pegs Olivia at #18 and Peyton at #56 on its list of girls’ names, while Carter is #33 in the country for boys’ names. John didn’t even make the top 100 in 2018.

There is, of course, no guarantee any of those involved will grow up to identify with the gender under which their name appears.

Ava, Mia, Ivy, Zoe, Eva, Lea, Ana, Aria, Emma, and Ella make up the most recent top-10 list of girls’ names across Canada.


Meanwhile, the most popular boys’ names are Liam, Jackson, Noah, Lucas, Logan, Oliver, William, Benjamin, Mason, and Grayson.

Back in the NWT, the first baby of 2019 was a boy named Griffin.

There were 651 babies born in the NWT in 2018, a number which could increase slightly if more birth registrations roll in this January as parents have 30 days after the birth to notify the government.

This is up slightly from the 614 babies born in 2017 – the lowest annual figure since 2001.