NWT opens more illegal caribou harvesting investigations

A dead caribou is seen in an NWT government image from a killsite
A dead caribou is seen in an NWT government file image from a killsite.

A fresh case of illegal caribou harvesting on the winter road northeast of Yellowknife is being investigated, the NWT government says.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources says officers found “nine caribou suspected to have been illegally harvested” inside a Bathurst herd no-hunting zone on March 18.

“Evidence was collected by officers at the scene. The investigation remains open,” the department stated.

An additional case related to the “suspected wastage of one caribou” northeast of the Ekati diamond mine is also being investigated. Anyone with information about that case is asked to call North Slave wildlife officers on (867) 873-7181.



“Most hunters on the winter road are harvesting safely and respectfully out on the land, and we are all working together to support the conservation and recovery of threatened barren-ground caribou herds,” the department stated.

Earlier, the CBC reported that an investigation dating from last fall – which resulted in a dispute over wildlife officers’ search of a cultural camp – also remains open.