RCMP in Fort Providence ‘urge residents to secure firearms’

A file photo of the Fort Providence RCMP detachment
A file photo of the Fort Providence RCMP detachment. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio

Two weeks after guns were taken from a Fort Providence home, police in the community said they were “seeking the cooperation of residents in ensuring their firearms are properly stored.”

In a news release late on Tuesday, Fort Providence RCMP said they had received “numerous reports of stolen firearms” in recent months, from both homes and cabins.

“Although a firearm may be stored in accordance with the law in a cottage or outbuilding, it isn’t nearly as secure as keeping firearms inside a main place of residence where they can be monitored,” police stated.

“Those who currently have firearms stored outside their main residence are asked to evaluate the need to keep firearms in unattended buildings and check on these properties regularly.”



Police said a gun safe, vault or cabinet was better than a locked container, and asked gun owners to record the details and serial numbers of their firearms, “ensuring police will be able to track the firearms in the event of a theft or recovery.”

A man was arrested in late March after two long guns and ammunition were reportedly taken from a home in Fort Providence.