Yellowknife strip club to launch ‘amateur night’

Harley’s, which bills itself as “Canada’s northernmost strip club,” is to begin an amateur night in which locals can perform – and earn money.

The Yellowknife club relocated to new premises at the start of the year. Harley’s spokesperson Darin Woodbury said “a lot of patrons have asked” for the opportunity to perform their own exotic dances.

“Our plan is to have folks from around here coming in and volunteering to do their little shows,” Woodbury told Cabin Radio.


“There will likely be some compensation involved,” he added, though those details are still to be finalized. “Possibly wet T-shirt contests in there as well.”

Harley’s closed its former Franklin Avenue location at the end of 2018 and has reopened in the former Lenny Burger and KFC building two blocks away. Chef Robin Wasicuna, from Twin Pine Diner, is due to join the venture shortly to operate a diner attached to the club.

Amateur night will begin on Wednesday, January 30, Harley’s said in a Facebook post on Monday.

It will join a planned East Coast night each Monday, ladies’ night on Thursdays, and an open-mic night on Sundays.

“The idea has been kicking around for along time,” said Woodbury.


“A lot of clubs have done this in the past. Some time ago, long ago, Harley’s did an amateur night, so we’re trying to bring the idea back.”

Asked if any support would be provided for amateurs who wanted to learn more before performing, Woodbury said: “We’re still working on a few of the logistics.”

The club hopes to post more information online in the near future.