Coach and gym owner John Stanley to run for MLA in Frame Lake

John Stanley, an owner of Stanley Boxing and Fitness and a kickboxing coach, says he will run for MLA in Yellowknife’s Frame Lake district this fall.

Frame Lake is currently represented by Kevin O’Reilly, who has yet to indicate whether he will seek a third term in office. The next territorial election is scheduled for October 3.

Julian Morse, an environmental regulator and consultant who previously served as a city councillor for two terms, has already stated his intent to run in the same district.


Stanley said he would bring “knowledge, experience, and passion” to the job if elected.

A press release announcing his planned candidacy stated: “My goal is to create a future where our children have access to education, healthcare, and meaningful employment opportunities; a future where we protect the natural beauty of our environment and push for economic growth; and a future where everyone is valued and included, regardless of their background or beliefs.”

He said he would draw on his coaching background to “help people by building them up” and, as a small business owner, said he believes “economic development and financial sustainability must be a major focus in the NWT.”

Candidates can announce their intention to run in the fall’s election at any time – and a surprising number already have – but nominations can only be confirmed once the election period begins in September.