Sunken truck attracts attention on Yellowknife Bay

A white truck partly submerged in Yellowknife Bay in April 2023
A white truck partly submerged in Yellowknife Bay in April 2023. Photo: Submitted

A white pickup truck has fallen through the ice as Yellowknife Bay’s ice cover weakens in this weekend’s warm spring temperatures.

Various images of the truck surfaced online. A vehicle disappearing through the thinning ice is almost an annual phenomenon in a city that boasts ice roads and houseboats on a frozen lake.

Last year, for example, a Toyota Tacoma had to be winched out of the nearby Prosperous Lake.

This year’s latest victim caught the attention of the Fishy People restaurant, which wrote on Facebook: “Having a rough morning? If this is your truck, brunch is on us.”



The exact circumstances of what happened to the truck are not clear, nor was there any immediate word regarding the safety of those involved, though images from Friday evening appeared to show the truck initially coming to rest with at least two doors above the water line.

A GNWT spill report associated with the incident gave the truck’s location as just off Mosher Island. The ice between that area and the mainland is considered a notorious weak spot as breakup begins.

The ice road between Yellowknife and Dettah closed almost three weeks ago, but some residents ordinarily operate vehicles on the ice beyond the road’s closing date.

Friday brought Yellowknife’s highest temperature of the year so far, maxing out at a fraction under 11C according to data from the city’s airport weather station.