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‘Yellowknife loves a good garage sale!’ Indoor yard sale returns on June 10

The City of Yellowknife's annual Indoor Garage Sale at the Ed Jeske Arena
The City of Yellowknife's annual Indoor Garage Sale at the Ed Jeske Arena.

Alecia Callahan has been a vendor at the Yellowknife indoor garage sale for at least 15 years.

She says it was a good way of forcing herself to spring-clean and get rid of clutter. “Then I can not worry about all the excess stuff in my house.”

This year’s indoor garage sale is set to take place on the morning of Saturday June 10 at the Ed Jeske Arena, inside the Yellowknife multiplex. (The multiplex stopped acting as a wildfire evacuee centre earlier this week.)

The event is in its second year since a hiatus during the Covid-19 pandemic. Vendor tables are now open for registration online, or you can register for a table by calling 867-669-3457.

Doors open at 8am with sales continuing until 12pm.



More than 20 tables have already been registered, City of Yellowknife special events coordinator Alex Bolanos said earlier this week.

The yard sale has a 30-year history, Bolanos said. It used to be held outdoors in the vicinity of some nearby tennis courts before moving to the community arena. Once more space was needed, it moved again to the multiplex.

“There’s a lot of treasures to be found,” said Bolanos, who says some years reach 100 tables.

Yellowknife, he said, is a “very diverse community” – and when that community decides it has things to sell, “you will find some odd, interesting things.”



The event often welcomes 1,000 to 2,000 attendees, said Callahan, who is also a program coordinator at the city.

“Yellowknife loves a good garage sale,” she said.

The strangest item that Callahan has ever bought at the sale? A dog carseat, she said. It’s still in use.

“Most people looked at it and went, ‘Oh, that’s an interesting dog bed,'” said Callahan.

“I knew what it was. And I was very excited to find it.”