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Police operation in Yellowknife trailer park ‘safely resolved’

A file photo of an RCMP vehicle.
A file photo of an RCMP vehicle. Sarah Pruys/Cabin Radio

RCMP ended an hours-long operation in a Yellowknife trailer park shortly before midnight on Tuesday.

In a brief statement shortly after 8:30pm on Tuesday, police said officers and members of a critical incident team were involved in an “unfolding incident” in the 600 block of the Northlands trailer park.

As of 9:10pm, a municipal enforcement vehicle had blocked off Catalina Drive at the intersection with Norseman Drive. A similar blockade had been set up on Anson Drive, and a line-up of vehicles waiting to get home snaked around the block.

Multiple police vehicles and an ambulance were present. However, the street was all but silent, and a man could be seen taking a dog for an evening walk even as some form of standoff appeared to be taking place not far away.

Two residents waiting to return home, who said they lived in a house involved in the matter, said they had been waiting for more than an hour.



“Police are requesting people avoid the area,” RCMP stated, adding that residents should not “broadcast police positions on social media.”

“There will be an enhanced police presence in the area,” the statement concluded.

At 11:40pm, RCMP stated the incident had been “safely resolved with no injuries” and residents at the scene reported being able to return home.