NWT invites your ideas to name three buildings

A file photo of a currently unnamed government building. Scott Letkeman/Cabin Radio
A file photo of an NWT government building in downtown Yellowknife. Scott Letkeman/Cabin Radio

Despite the NWT having a history of not selecting the most honourable names for things in contests, the territorial government is inviting residents to help christen three buildings in Fort Simpson, Inuvik, and Yellowknife.

Unlike the City of Yellowknife’s muskox naming process – which resulted in a Florida man, who dubbed the beast Elon Muskox, winning a recreation pass for a city nearly 5,000 km from his home – there is no prize for winning this one.

The territorial government says it will solicit name ideas from the public, with consideration given to names that honour “the historical, cultural and geographic significance of the Northwest Territories.” The territory’s decision will be final.

The territory suggests the public submit names that honour people who have died, and who during their lives contributed to public life and the well-being of territorial residents.



Despite the GWNT’s best efforts to encourage mature suggestions, someone will undoubtedly submit ‘Bob’, the infamous second-place name for the territory in a 1990s poll as the NWT and Nunavut separated.

The online nomination form: is here, or overachieving residents can email this form to

The buildings in need of names can be found at 106 Veteran’s Way in Inuvik; 5015 49 Street in Yellowknife; and 9902 98 Avenue in Fort Simpson.

The engagement process will close on Friday, March 15.

New names will be announced following the executive council’s approval.