Subspace, Subdrop, And Aftercare

Last modified: March 13, 2019 at 6:34pm

Hey folks!

Thanks for your patience as I get prepped for more shows and more interviews! This week’s show is a kinda-follow up to the interview I had with Jessica and Rylund about Northern Bound, Yellowknife’s least-secret sex club. We started talking about subspace and subdrop, and I felt like it deserved a lot more attention. So, if you’re a Dom, a sub, a Daddy, a Master, whatever – listen to this episode, so we can all take good care of the people we’re defiling, and getting defiled by.

After that, Scott joins me for some great questions from the NWTCC’s Alt-V-Day event, including butt stuff (surprise surprise), and how to navigate your first same-sex relationships.


Thanks for listening, and make sure to send in your questions (anonymously!) RIGHTHERE.